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Community Service

Regular Community Service Requirements
Giving back helps others, bolsters our community, and matures our character. Each high school student graduating from Lucia Mar Unified School District is required to complete 20 hours of community service (ideally 10 during junior year and 10 during senior year). The following resources might help you figure out a meaningful way for you to contribute to helping those around you. We recommend as much hands-on experience as possible, especially in a field of their interest. Let Mr. Dominguez know if you have questions.
Instructions and Forms
  • Select to Serve: Choose a service opportunity you want to participate in. Here are a few sources: Local Organizations
  • Get Form Signed: Take this Service Verification form with you when you serve to have it signed off.
  • Submit Form: Return the form to the school office.
  • Get Signed Off: Once you have served a total 20 hours you can get the Community Service item checked off